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Tesoro DeLeon Metal Detector:

The DeLeón is a Target Identification Detector (or T.I.D.) designed as an easy to use, turn-on-and-go detector. The faceplate has only four controls: Sensitivity, Discriminate, Threshold and a Mode Switch. You can expect the same depth and sensitivity that the Cortes is well known for because the DeLeon uses the same circuitry.

The DeLeón’s display screen is larger and easier to read than the Cortes display but does not carry as much information. Starting from left to right on the faceplate, you will see that the DeLeón has a Coin Depth reading, a five segment bar graph and a two-digit Target ID Number. The bar graph shows several categories for ID purposes, but Tesoro recommends that it be used with the ID Number for the most accurate information.

Tesoro DeLeon Metal Detector Features:

  • MicroMAX Design
  • Search Coil Type – Concentric
  • Search Coil Size -9″ x 8″ Coil Standard
  • Audio Frequency All Metal VCO – Approx. 350 – 950 Hz
  • Audio Output – 2 1/4″ Speaker and 1/4″ Headphone Jack
  • Weight – 2.98 lbs
  • Battery Requirement – 8 AA (Alkaline)
  • Battery Life – 10 to 20 Hours
  • Operating Frequency – VLF 10 kHz
  • Operating Modes – No Motion all Metal / Silent Search Discriminate

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