RTG Pro 5″ Stainless Water Scoop #709miniTravel

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The 709miniTravel isn’t just the shiny stainless rust-proof scoop any sand digger would drool over, but it has a two piece handle with a stainless sleeve insert held together by a spring clip.  The bucket and handle are made with 14 gauge non magnetic stainless steel with 5/8″ holes punched throughout the 9″ long by 5″ diameter bucket. Welded on the back of the bucket directly to the handle is a round stainess tubing, this feature is supportive enough to handle many swift kicks and those not so gentle proddings. The overall length is approximately 47″ long, breaks down easily to fit into your luggage for that quick jaunt to the beach, and as always there is a rubber hand grip for comfort. This scoop weighs 4.5 pounds on a postal scale and is made primarily for shallow water hunting. Made in the U.S.A.  We are offering a 90 day limited warranty against manufacturing defects on this scoop.

RTG Pro 5" Stainless Water Scoop #709miniTravel


Price: $149.00

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