Minelab Sovereign GT

Minelab Sovereign GT


Our Package includes  10″ Search Coil, Coil Scuff Cover, Operators Manual, Headphones, NiMH Batteries, House Battery Charger, Carry Bag, and Shipping in Continental US

Minelab Sovereign GT Metal Detector

The New Sovereign GT is packed with features including 17 frequencies, automatic Ground Tracking, Iron Mask (on/off), manual & automatic sensitivity, 2-band Noise Cancel and much more. The on-board computer chip handles all the work so you can concentrate on what you want – more good targets.

The Tornado TM Coil system is lightweight, ultra tough, waterproof and non-buoyant. It is ideal for anywhere you want to use it. The Tornado coil has its own on-board circuitry adding power and depth to this outstanding detector. Whatever you’re looking for, Minelab’s Sovereign GT has the penetrating power and versatility you need. Discrimination circuitry lets you eliminate signals from unwanted trash, while the Iron Mask enables you to detect valuable targets lying close to ferrous junk.

The Sovereign GT discriminates between good targets and unwanted trash with astonishing depth and can be use from the park or building site to the sandy beach or the gold fields.

Minelab’s BBS Technology automatically transmits 17 separate frequencies over a range from 1.5khz to 25khz. This means you have more depth, greater sensitivity and more accurate discrimination.

Minelab Sovereign GT Metal Detector Features

  • 17 Frequencies (1.5 – 25.5 kHz)
  • 8 AA Batteries (Alkaline)
  • Automatic “ACCU-TRAK” Ground Tracking
Length Maximum 55in (1400mm)
  Minimum  38in (965mm)
Weight Control Box* 20.3oz (568gms)
  Tornado 1000 Slimline Coil 23oz (654gms)
Configuration  2 piece shaft and optional Hip mount
Technology  Broad Band Spectrum (BBS)
Transmit Frequency  17 Frequencies (1.5, 3, 4.5….25.5 kHz)
Ground Balance  “ACCU-TRAK” Automatic Ground Tracking
Battery System Alkaline 8 x 1.5V (AA) ORNiMH battery pack (12v; 1000mAH)*
Mains Charger* 110v(USA); 230v(EU); 240v(AUS)
Vehicle Charger* 12v Cigarette Lighter plug
Digital Meter  (Accessory in some countries)
Audio Loudspeaker & 1/4″ headphone jack
Aluminum with Neoprene Cover and Strap
On/Off Volume  1 turn knob
Sensitivity  1 turn knob
Threshold  1 turn knob
Discriminate Level Adjust  1 turn knob
All Metals/Discriminate with Iron Mask on/Discriminate with Iron Mask off 3 pos. switch
Notch Filter  1 turn knob
Threshold / Silent Search 2 pos. switch
Ground Track / Fixed / Pin Point 3 pos. switch
Noise Cancel  2 pos. switch
Target ID Meter* Digital
Mains Charger 110V (USA), 230V (EU), 240V (AUS)
Tornado 800 Coil  8″ DD; Waterproof
Tornado 1000 Coil  10″ DD; Waterproof
NiMH Rechargeable Battery  12V, 1000mAh
Alkaline Battery Pack 8 x 1.5V (AA)
Car Charger  12V, Cigarette lighter plug
Hip Mount Bag  Durable cordura with window and shoulder strap
Meter Bag  Durable cordura with window
Carry Bag Protective and durable transport bag
Headphones  32 ohms
Control Box  2 years
Coil 1 year


Minelab Sovereign GT


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